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Leo Ferreira Leo Ferreira Puzzle coffeeCoffee Stories

Leo Ferreira

5 years of Puzzle Coffee - Leo Ferreira on shaping the pieces of Tanzania’s specialty coffee community On December 23rd, Puzzle Coffee will celebrate its fifth anniversary since its inception in 2016. We spoke with Leo Ferreira, owner of Puzzle, on how he has been running his store on the…
Zed Wong
23rd December 2021
Moses Ngomo A portrait of Moses NgomoCoffee Stories

Moses Ngomo

Today’s coffee story is short but sweet, and recounts the experiences of Moses Ngomo, a Kenyan barista working in Dubai. His story is one that will melt your heart, as it is a tale of passion and positivity. Having worked in the coffee industry for the last fourteen years, Moses…
Zoe Gamet
10th September 2021
Ahmed Hawi Coffee Stories

Ahmed Hawi

Growing up in a village 100 km away from Beirut, Lebanon, coffee was considered an essential, in Ahmed Hawi’s family home. No matter the hour, coffee was always what gathered the family together. Ahmed Hawi Ahmed Hawi’s coffee journey finds its roots in Africa. Having travelled to Sierra Leone to…
Talia Goury
1st December 2020