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Connects Roasters, Barista And Coffee Lovers Worldwide With #Brewathome Campaign

By 4th April 2020May 18th, 2022No Comments4 min read

The press was published on Coffee Talk on 04 April, 2020.

Covid-19 has threatened many coffee businesses, leaving coffee lovers wondering how they can support their local roasters and baristas. I’M NOT A BARISTA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting coffee professionals, has launched the #brewathome social media campaign to connect coffee roasters and baristas to consumers at this challenging time. By encouraging coffee lovers to brew safely at home through the #brewathome campaign, I’M NOT A BARISTA is helping people find connection to others while staying safe.

“Baristas bring the world together through a cup of coffee,” says I’M NOT A BARISTA founder Micky Wang. “Alone, we are strong; together, we are stronger!” Micky founded his nonprofit before the current global pandemic began, but he quickly realized its potential to support coffee business and bring joy to coffee lovers stuck at home through a social media campaign. Great coffee connects people to a worldwide community, and finding connection is more important now than ever. This campaign not only helps to keep local coffee roasteries alive, but also helps to ease the financial strain on baristas who have to go on unpaid leave or lose their employment.

The #brewathome campaign helps roasters bring their expertise to coffee lovers worldwide by encouraging them to share video tutorials about home brewing, coffee science, introduction to coffee tasting, and different coffee origins on their Instagram accounts. Coffee lovers can check for a list of dozens of participating roasters (and growing) in the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas who are sharing their coffee brewing knowledge. Many are also offering discounts and giveaways on their products to help people #brewathome safely around the world. Online use of #brewathome doubled within one week, from 4.5K to 10.7K mentions, and consumers are already using the special promo code for purchases.

The #brewathome campaign is helping to boost coffee business sales, spread coffee knowledge, and bring joy and connection to home coffee brewers in a time that many experience as anxious and lonely. “#brewathome is an exact expression of what the coffee community does best: inclusion, support and togetherness,” says Maja, a specialty coffee blogger from Southampton, UK, and one of the people behind the initiative. “We’re all feeling anxious, isolated and stripped of our normal lives so knowing there’s a hub of fellow coffee lovers who are in the same position definitely helps!”

I’M NOT A BARISTA was founded in 2019 by Micky Wang. Micky worked in the coffee industry as a marketing director, where he often received sponsorship requests from talented baristas but was unable to help them due to budget restrictions. I’M NOT A BARISTA was born from Micky’s desire to help baristas in need by spreading awareness of the barista profession worldwide and supporting baristas in their dreams to participate in coffee competitions. By soliciting donations and through the sale of apparel reading I’M NOT A BARISTA, this nonprofit organization sparks conversations between baristas and coffee lovers, encouraging them to share their coffee stories with others. Hong Kong-based I’M NOT A BARISTA has grown by leaps and bounds since its founding, and Micky has already been joined by over 80 passionate volunteers and 125 company partners from around the world who are excited to support the world coffee community.