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August 63 is coming soon

By 26th October 2021May 19th, 2022No Comments1 min read

Remember Ken Braz? In this episode, Ken will tell us how he started his coffee journey, and his latest project August 63. 

Ken is working hard on his coffee dream – build a mobile coffee roastery in Berlin, and you will find him at farmers markets, street food markets, corporate events, festivals or cultural events soon. Ken aims to raise 12,000 euros to kick start his dreams, there are 5 days left to make Ken’s dream come true. With your support, Ken can launch August 63 and share his passion for sustainable and transparently sourced coffee with thousands of coffee lovers in Germany.

You can now listen to the full episode on the Apple podcast, Spotify, or simply click the link in our bio. 

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5 days left to make Ken’s dream come true.