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Momentem Newsletter #1

By 6th February 2022February 8th, 2022No Comments5 min read

Hello MOMENTEM subscribers,

Thank you for subscribing to the MOMENTEM grinder project! Your support means everything to us. In this very first email to you, we wanted to share how MOMENTEM started, why it matters so much to us, and give you an update on the current status of the project.


The inspiration

It all began in 2017 when we saw Miki Suzuki on the World Barista Championship stage competing with her double grinding technique. It was such a “wow” moment for us and really got us thinking about different ways to grind coffee.

Screenshot 2022 02 04 at 12.09.52

Miki Suzuki on the World Barista Championship

The next key inspiration was when James Hoffman published his Regrinding Coffee – A Surprising Results in 2020. It reminded us of Miki’s competition routine even though James was doing something a little differently in his video. There were so many comments about people who had positive experiences with double grinding but we realized there wasn’t a manual grinder available that was designed with this theory in mind. Even though double grinding led to such great results, technological constraints were a big hurdle for people to test out this theory at home.

Screenshot 2022 02 04 at 12.14.53

James Hoffman’s youtube video Regrinding Coffee – A Surprising Results

We spent hundreds of hours researching double grinding with coffee professionals, data scientists, and academic researchers to understand more about the science behind the technique. We’ve put everything we learned and all of the input from these professionals into MOMENTEM’s design concept in order to develop the ultimate handgrinder capable of double grinding with streamlined operation.

After a few months, we received our first prototype with 38mm dual burrs in our hands and the results were outstanding. Narrower grind size distribution, fast grinding speed, and improved body and sweetness from the brewed coffee were just some of the great outcomes we got from using the prototype manual grinder. We tested it with multiple cupping sessions with local baristas from our community and received both positive feedback and constructive comments all around.

The purpose

At this point, our belief in the potential of double grinding and the necessity for a dual burr manual grinder was cemented. But we didn’t stop there. It wasn’t enough for us to simply design a grinder with one new feature, no matter how ground-breaking it would be. If we were going to go through all the trouble of designing an entirely new coffee tool, we wanted to pack it with as many amazing features as we could. That’s why we upgraded the design with larger and better burrs for improved grinding performance in terms of consistency and speed.

MOMENTEM is a manual dual burr grinder made for coffee lovers. That means we designed it with our end users in mind and it was important for us to incorporate feedback from people of all backgrounds to make sure every feature was optimized down to the last detail. This included baristas, home brewers, engineers, product designers, graphic designers, content creators, and marketers from around the world.

Where we are now

So here we are, ready to launch this Spring and wow the world. Thank you for showing such great support! We can’t wait to share more updates with you. At this moment, we are waiting for our second prototype, complete with all our new and improved design details. After that, we will be ready to launch the crowdfunding project with coffee lovers around the world.

Enough talk, hurry up before it is all gone.

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How you can help

We’d love to know more about you because your background also matters in the development of MOMENTEM. It’s not too late to let us know what features you’d like to see on this new dual burr manual grinder, so please fill out this short survey here.

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