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Our first audio coffee story

By 1st July 2022No Comments2 min read

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Hey long time no see, it has been a while since our last coffee story. As you may know, we had a busy week at WoC Milan, were you there in Milan? Got our coffee wristbands and pins yet?

As you know, I’M NOT A BARISTA was designed to help baristas in need and make a social impact. Well, if it’s a social impact we’re after then we needed an additional way of sharing the voices of those in the coffee community.

We want to ensure that their voices are heard in many ways and we want to take this opportunity to introduce our new way of sharing stories – audio stories. Behind the scenes: This Monday, we had a meeting with our content writing interns brainstorming the new way of empowering coffee people, and we came up with the idea of audio stories.
It is different from our regular podcast and coffee articles, it is a new, easier way to share the stories with you. The audio stories are shorter, often less than 5 minutes long and they’re read by our content writers who wrote the stories. You will hear the voices of our content writers from Africa, The United States, and more. Just like a short bedtime story, are you ready?

Turn up the volume, get your favourite earphones, and listen to our very first audio story from Fausto Russo @faustorusso, story written and read by our new content writer Emma Niro.

Do you often listen to audiobooks? What do you think about our the new audio stories?
Please leave your feedback in the comments below, help us empower coffee people around the world.