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Micky Wang with his coworkers

2018 Danish Coffee Roasting Championship, sponsored by bubble lab.

“Work hard, find your goal, there are no shortcuts just make a plan and go for it.”

So, I’ve collaborated with you (I’M NOT A BARISTA) for the past 6 months and I realised I know very little about you! Tell us a few words about your background.

Micky Wang: Well, I was born in China, I moved to Denmark when I was 17 and ended up spending 12 years in Scandinavia. I studied marketing in Denmark and Norway and for the last two years, I live in Russia. I guess you could call me an international citizen!

Definitely! Was coffee a big part of your life while growing up?

Micky Wang:  No, my parents used to think coffee is like this dark bitter soya sauce or something, they never drank it. It wasn’t something we had in the house so I didn’t associate it with any cultural norms.

So when did your relationship with coffee start?

Micky Wang:  I guess I owe that to Starbucks. When I was studying in college I used to love going to there. Everybody was going and the atmosphere was so cosy.

Yeah, I guess they were one of the first ones that paid so much attention to the ambiance of their interior. And what about speciality coffee?

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