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Coffee Stories

Felipe Ferreira

By 12th March 2020May 18th, 2022No Comments4 min read

Felipe Ferreira

“Hello, my name is Felipe Ferreira, and I have been working as a barista for 8 years. Since the beginning, I have always been absorbing a lot of knowledge with professionals in the field and learning more and more each day.
I believe that with each cup of coffee I drink, it is a new experience, and with each cup that my clients drink, they feel these new experiences with new chats and sensations. The essential sensory of each cup can provide you moments of happiness and pleasure even though whether for a few minutes of your day.
Never stop studying and believing, excellent coffees always.”

I started my work in a cafeteria as a waiter, soon I was gaining space and started working at the bar since then I had the opportunity to meet other professionals that I admired and admire to this day.
My passion for specialty coffees had a significant milestone when I drank a cup of coffee from the Cerrado Mineiro, a region where I admire the producers and the fruits they grow.

When I was present for the first time in a big cafeteria to take a course in which I had the honor of meeting our representative at the CIGS (coffee in good spirits) world championship, and he gave me great tips, we talked a lot about this beautiful profession in which I was starting.

My daily inspiration is to be able to impart knowledge to my co-workers and see the satisfaction of customers by drinking suitable cups of coffee.
My hobbies outside the cafe are listening to good music and reading books in different genres.
I am not currently working in any coffee shop, but everyone who meets me at events or visiting coffee shops can call me for coffee and say hi to us taking pictures and having a good chat, for me, it is always a pleasure to prepare good coffees because the essential sensory.

Hello, my name is Felipe Ferreira, and this is my coffee story.

My relationship with coffee started with a waiter a job in a cafeteria. Like many enthusiastic baristas, I was like a sponge absorbing all the coffee knowledge that I could reach to this day.

I still remember that special cup of coffee from the Cerrado Mineiro, which is a region that I admire the coffee producers a lot. It was a truly special movement in my life, I began to appreciate every single cup of coffee I drink, and I gained this open mindset to new drinking experiences, new flavors, new sensations, and different conversations with customers stimulated by good coffee. It is astonishing that a small cup of coffee can deliver so much happiness and create so many cherished movements.

What motivates me daily is sharing coffee knowledge with my peers and colleagues so that we can make satisfying coffee for our customers. As a barista with 8 years of life behind the coffee bar, I am lucky to meet so many professionals in the coffee industry. Thanks for all the knowledge and friendships you guys shared with me, especially the representatives at CIGS (coffee in good spirits) world championship, you guys are amazing.

Outside the coffee shop, I usually find my happiness from books and music. I’M NOT A BARISTA now, but I would love to meet new coffee friends, hit me up if you like to visit events, coffee shops, or just have a good chat about coffee. My name is Felipe Ferreira, and this is my coffee story.