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Week 43 group giveaway winners

By 3rd November 2020May 16th, 2022No Comments4 min read


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Lucky Winners from the globe


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What would you do?

Sharing is caring! Empower baristas together.

Doing Good Together

โ€œDoing good in this world, and being kind and being honest and noble is really underrated. And I think you haveโ€ฆ I think everyday people have enormous power, and they have enormous power for good, and if youโ€™re good to people, the world is a better place.โ€
โ€“ Tom Hiddleston

The purpose of the #brewathome campaign is to connect the global coffee community, especially in difficult times. You canย donateย your prize to a friend in need,ย exchangeย gifts with others, orย claimย the prize yourself.ย  If you currently live in a country that no partner can ship the prize to, it is time to reconnect with your old friends in other countries, donate your prize and say Hey.

You can share our prize with a friend, donate it to someone else in your community. Let us know if your decision, claim the prize, send it to a friend, or give it back to the community and make a new friend. We appreciate that your kind gesture in the difficult times.

If you win, contact us through Instagram @brewathome_official before Nov 6, 2020. Please send us your name, full shipping address, email, mobile number. After getting your shipping info, we will arrange a partner to ship the prize to you or your friend. Please follow our partners on your continent to show your appreciation.

Due to COVID19, international shipping can be delayed.

The Winners Are:


How we pick giveaway winners?

  1. We used app-sorteos to pick 26 winners; the correct entry includes 3 mentions, location, and their best pour-over coffee experience.
  2. We exported all comments and manually check the validity of all 26 winners; many use the same comment multiple times; in this case, only one entry counted.
  3. We manually checked whether winners follow the right amount of partner accounts; we have seen many with valid entries failed to follow enough partners.
  4. If you saw your name on the first list but not on this one, you must fail to follow the right amount of partners when we checked your account; or
  5. Due to the limited donations in each region, we will prioritize shipping donations to the top’s winners. For example, if we have 2 donations shipping to Iran, but the system randomly picked winners from Iran, in this case, the first two winners picked will receive the donation; the latter 4, unfortunately, will not be listed as the winner this time.
  6. In situation 5 above, if we have extra donations shipping to an international destination, we will donate to winners picked later.

*Our #brewathome group giveaway is a charity event that aims to connect the global coffee community in difficult times; we are doing our best to deliver the maximum value to the community. If you have any questions, please contact us through email

*Disclaimer: We do not take any compensation or commission through promoting our partners in this giveaway.