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Coffee Stories

Julia Behlendorf

How Do You Spell “Community?”  C-O-F-F-E-E:  How Julia Behlendorf Discovered That a Career in Coffee is Not About Commission and Pay but Connection and Purpose “I’m trying every day to appreciate each cup of coffee - paying attention to a perfect brew, serving with a smile…” Julia Behlendorf is cupping…
Kenyatta Fishoe
20th January 2023
Lars Aaen ThøgersenCoffee Stories

Lars Aaen Thøgersen

Lars Aaen Thøgersen is the Chief Innovation and Circular Transformation Officer at Löfbergs, and Head of Communication at Peter Larsen Kaffe. Lars’ primary mission in the coffee industry is to determine what is needed to innovate businesses in a way that gives back value to coffee farmers in a sustainable…
Nathierah Fredericks
12th July 2022