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S3E2: NOT JUST A BARISTA – Meet the 2023 UAE Barista Champion Mariam Erin Pinza

By 25th January 2023May 16th, 2023No Comments1 min read

Who is the most popular barista in 2023 so far?

No doubt, it is Mariam Erin Pinza, the 2023 UAE Barista Champion, who is also the @coffeewristbands angel in UAE, and the talented artist that you should start investing.

In this episode, Mariam shared her experience preparing for a barista championship, and her recent competition performance proves that her method works. Listen to this episode, and get to know the Mariam behind the competition, get to know her art, her past, and why she always wears a bucket hat.

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If you like reading, you can read Mariam’s coffee story with the link below.