With our charity partners in China, we have raised $1000 to help a coffee trainer Xiaoya Su, who was recently diagnosed with Leukemia.


Xiaoya Su barista

In February 2023, Su felt weak all over. At first, she thought it was just anemia. She prescribed some traditional Chinese medicine, but she started vomiting and having a fever. She was sent to Wuhan Union Hospital for more detailed examinations. Unfortunately, Su was diagnosed with acute leukemia.

Anyone familiar with blood diseases knows that blood diseases are bottomless pits, and transplantation may be required in the later stage. “Transplantation has a price, but rejection is priceless.” More advanced treatment options and drugs mean more costs.

Su has a small and ordinary family with her father only. Her father also suffered from a cerebral infarction last year, and her mother passed away 5 years ago. We hope I’M NOT A BARISTA can attract more attention from the coffee community, and together, we can help a coffee person in need.

Special thanks to our charity partners in China who raised funds through wristbands to help Su,

Zhaoqing – 纯萃咖啡馆 ¥1000
Wuhan – 黄鹤楼咖啡馆 ¥500
Tianjin –529barista.CLUB ¥1000
Taiwan – Cafe Drizzle ¥1350
Hangzhou – 瓷遇咖啡 ¥500
Lilydrip – ¥500

Currently, Su has a fundraising campaign for herself on the Chinese platform Waterdrop (水滴筹). If you are able to help, please click the link below and make a small donation to help a coffee person in need.


The coffee community comes together