Unveiling the Profound Impact of a Small Wristband – Helping Coffee Farmers in Nagaland, India. Coffee, beyond its ability to energize us for the day, has evolved into a powerful symbol of passions, dreams, and personal values.


It unites a close-knit community of coffee professionals who are on a remarkable mission – to showcase the true potential of coffee in uplifting individuals and driving positive change in our lives and communities. With an unwavering dedication to their craft, these passionate souls stand firmly behind their work, demonstrating the incredible impact that specialty coffees can have in bringing people together from diverse backgrounds.

One of our esteemed charity partners, Zura Coffee in India, deserves immense recognition for their outstanding efforts in supporting their local coffee community. Recently, they raised an impressive $780 through the sale of 298 wristbands. Going above and beyond, they utilized this fund to invest in cherry pulper and huller machines for a coffee farming family in the Nagaland region of India.


Zura coffee's first donation

Zura coffee’s first donation

The dedication and commitment of Zura Coffee to the betterment of their local coffee community is truly inspiring. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to them for making a significant and tangible impact on the lives of these coffee farmers who rely on their craft for their livelihood.

We wholeheartedly invite businesses and individuals who share our values and goals to join us in our mission. Become a charity partner, bring these wristbands to your respective countries, raise funds, and support your local coffee community in need. Together, we can create a lasting and positive change, one cup of coffee at a time.