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The magical add-on gadget for a perfect pourover

Lilydrip is an add-on to coffee dripper, fits most of the cone drippers. LilyDrip helps you to keep the depth of grounds around the Sweet spot of coffee.

Easy to use

One little step makes a big change

1. Mount the filter over the RFS (Rapid Filter Shaper), and push the top of the filter to the bottom with a lilydrip or finger.
2. Hold the filter’s top with he CFS (Compact Filter Shaper) and a lilydrip, and invert the rest of the filter.
3. Put the lilydrip into your dripper V60.
4. Put in the shaped filter on top of the lilydrip
5. Put into your favorite fresh grounded coffee, and continue as brewing a normal pourover.



One standard Lilydrip with one compact filter shaper


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One diamond lilydrip with compact filter shaper




One Donut liliydrip with one compact filter shaper


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