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Coffee Stories


By 6th March 2020May 18th, 2022No Comments2 min read

Cover 1I am Greg, an English teacher from NY that teaches in Italy. I grew up with coffee living in an Italian household. As a child, I woke up every Sunday morning to the smell of espresso and my dad watching football.

From this love of coffee, I was fascinated to learn more and in college, I worked for a specialty coffee shop and fell more in love with

it. The shop was owned by a family friend and it allowed me to learn more about roasting and barista competitions. I eventually went to some competitions and found it absolutely fascinating. As a barista, I loved meeting new people. I was fortunate to live in such a highly populated and touristic area that allowed me to meet new people from all over the world. I soon discovered that what coffee means to everyone can vary.

Everyone from financial planners to artists enjoyed this drink. They all used coffee for different reasons. To wake up, enjoy the taste, or to relax. They all their reasons but there was one thing they all had in common, coffee is a break from the real world. It changed how I viewed it as being just an “Italian” thing on Sundays. It was something that everyone enjoys. It was a beautiful thing.

I always had a passion for languages and learning about foreign cultures. When I graduated college it was difficult to have to end my

career as a barista and move to a field that is more suited for my other passions. I continue to roast coffee at home and enjoy freshly roasted coffee daily.

My passions outside of coffee are language learning, football (soccer), traveling, and fitness.