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Timur Lyapin

By 21st July 2023No Comments4 min read

Coffee breaks the barriers of distance as we explore the coffee life of Timur Lyapin in Azerbaijan. This is his coffee story.

Timur’s home of Azerbaijan, a country situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, boasts a fascinating blend of cultures, traditions, and landscapes. Nestled between the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains, this diverse nation is not only known for its rich history and natural beauty but also for its unique coffee culture. From traditional tea houses to modern coffee shops, Azerbaijan’s coffee culture reflects the country’s warm embrace of community and the art of savoring the moment over a cup of finely brewed coffee.

Timur Lyapin

Timur Lyapin

Timur Lyapin’s coffee journey began in 2008 when he started working as a waiter at a chain coffee shop. At the time, he was an instant coffee drinker with little knowledge of specialty coffees. However, his curiosity for taste and flavor soon grew thanks to the guidance of the coffee shop trainers. Timur transitioned to the role of a barista and embarked on a journey of exploration and self-improvement.

“The stability and repeatability of coffee has always been important.”

Timur’s thirst for knowledge extended beyond coffee. After gaining experience as a barista, he ventured into the realm of mixology, working as a bartender at a prestigious five-star hotel. This experience allowed him to develop a deeper understanding of flavor compounds and their significance. However, his passion for coffee remained strong, leading him back to the specialty coffee industry.


Timur found his true calling in the specialty coffee sector, where he focused on mastering the art of coffee roasting, financial models, and more. Today, he holds the esteemed position of Head of Coffee at Sensum Coffee, an influential coffee establishment in Azerbaijan. Timur’s role involves overseeing the production and development of brewing recipes for specialty coffees which demand meticulous attention and a dedicated approach. As a coffee professional, Timur emphasizes the significance of cupping in his daily work. Cupping allows him to never lose sight of what matters most: the taste experience he and his team deliver to their guests. The specialty coffee industry thrives on a special atmosphere created by passionate baristas, roasters, equipment technicians, and partners. Cupping provides an opportunity for Timur to connect and communicate with these individuals, strengthening the global coffee community.

“The key factor in the coffee industry is the community with which you can discuss a cup of coffee.”

One of the challenges Timur has faced in his career is the lack of unity within the coffee community and a reluctance to share knowledge and skills. He believes that a more open and collaborative approach among coffee professionals can foster a stronger sense of community and aid in solving global and local issues. Timur’s involvement with the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) has played a big role in this collaborative approach. His dedication to the industry led him to become an Authorized SCA Trainer in Introduction to Coffee, Barista Skills, and Brewing modules. Timur’s affiliation with the SCA has provided him invaluable opportunities to deepen his knowledge, enhance his skills, and contribute to the coffee community. Through SCA events, workshops, and certifications, Timur has been able to connect with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the coffee industry. His SCA experience has not only enriched his own coffee expertise but also allowed him to play a vital role in disseminating knowledge and training aspiring coffee professionals, thus furthering the growth and development of the industry.

“I am often inspired by people in the industry, their desire to learn more and share it with others.”

Timur takes pride in both personal and collective achievements. From the growth of a novice barista to organizing national coffee championships and representing Azerbaijan in international competitions, Timur’s contributions to the specialty coffee industry have left a lasting impact on his country.

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