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Enhance your coffee corner with the MOMENTEM Cleaning Brush, now available as an individual product. This small yet powerful tool is designed to complement the MOMENTEM grinder, following the same sleek design language and exceptional build quality.

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MOMENTEM brush design


Crafted from high-quality aluminum with a bold black color and the same surface treatment as the MOMENTEM grinder. This ensures a seamless aesthetic match, elevating the look of your coffee setup.

hexagon coffee brush


Featuring a unique hexagonal shape, the brush offers a firm and comfortable grip, preventing slippage and making it easy to handle.

IMNAB coffee brush c 1
momentem brush bristle

Optimal Bristle Balance

The brush boasts bristles that strike the perfect balance between hardness and softness. This ensures effective cleaning without damaging your coffee equipment.

MOMENTEM brush size

Compact and Functional

Its small size makes it a versatile and useful tool, perfect for maintaining a clean and tidy coffee corner.

Clean with Precision, Enjoy the Process!

Whether you are a proud owner of the MOMENTEM grinder or simply in need of a high-quality cleaning brush, this product is designed to meet your needs with style and efficiency. Add the MOMENTEM Cleaning Brush to your coffee toolkit and experience the difference in both performance and design.

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