We set up this goal of helping Adelitas in September 2022, and we finally reached it today. 

The Adelitas Cooperative is a group of coffee women farmers who have been growing and producing coffee beans as a means of livelihood to keep their families and community afloat. They are based in Tenango de Doria, a municipality in HildagoMexico. Although Tenango is widely known for its beautiful embroidery, there is a bustling coffee community that is beginning to gain prominence. 


This is one of the small donation goals in the Coffee Wristband Charity Program; we set up a goal of $500 to help these beautiful coffee women in Mexico. We invited Olgun and made a unique design for this purpose, a beautiful wristband customized for empowering women behind the coffee. We brought 200 pieces to World Barista Championship (WBC) in Melbourne, Australia.

Unfortunately, we could only raise a small portion of the funds in Melbourne. We always keep our promise, and nothing can stop us. We calculated all the wristbands sold on our webshop, which is almost half the funding goal. Guess what? Magical things happen when you meet the right people. We recently launched our official account on Red Book in China and quickly sold 50 sets of wristbands and raised the second half of the funds. 

This is a global effort. $500 may not make a dramatic change in the lives at Adelitas, but we hope we can inspire more people to help others without expecting anything in return. 

We believe humanity runs on coffee, so let’s help each other. 

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