Let's brew coffee together

We will learn how to brew tasty drip coffee at home. Will you win the super giveaway?

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Coffee is good for you, more science shows, but do you know the secrete of brewing tasty coffee at home?

Humanity runs on coffee

Our #brewathome zoom party aims to connect the global coffee community in difficult times. We invited coffee specialists and coffee champions to share their tips and secrets of brewing tasty coffee at home. This week, we team up with 19 international partners and donated 64 bags of specialty coffee and 6 units of brewing tools to give back to the community.

Zoom Party

This Sunday, we will have the founder of melodrip Co. – Ray Murakawa, and several guests to talk about the tips of brewing great coffee at home.

Donors from Europe
  • KaffeBox
  • BirchBach
  • WOW Coffee
  • Muttley & Jacks’s
  • GearBox
  • Java Coffee Roasters
  • Cozo coffee
  • Hard Beans
  • Lilydrip
  • konstanta coffee
  • Sajjad Navader
Donors from the UK.
  • Girl With A Portafilter
  • DT Coffee School & Roastery
The Americas
  • CafeC USA
  • melodrip Co.
  • Olla Express Cafe
  • Flor de Café
  • Café San Alberto