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I read Alvaro’s blog post and everything he mentioned are great photo tips! I’d like to add few things.

The quickest and easiest way to understand light is to take an object in your hand and walk around the house with it. Notice how the light changes when you move from room to room (do it through your phone as well and notice the changes on the screen) Find what you think looks the best and stick with it. Here is an example of a bad light and good light. Notice how much easier it is to notice what’s in the picture on the right compared to the left.

photo of holding a cup

Have a look at some photo examples of the same object in different situations below: All the photos are taken on my phone with no editing done.

How to take good photo

Thinking outside of the box is great, trying to tell a story is awesome but what does it actually mean? How do we do it? How to tell a story within a photo? What we’re trying to do here is to support roasters, spread the message about good coffee and attract people with similar interest. So how to attract and stand out from the “noise” ?

Think WHY – WHAT – HOW

  • WHY are you taking the photo/video?
  • WHAT/WHO will represent this idea?
  • HOW to execute it in best possible way?

Sit down, take a deep breath and think what does coffee mean to you? This is not just about the caffeine or flavours. Think deeper. Can you remember the last time you had an awesome conversation with someone over a cup of coffee? The coffees I remember vividly are not necessarily the very expensive, high grade cups. the coffees I remember are the one I have emotional attachment to. Like the coffee with Maja 3 years ago. We went to Lufkin Coffee roasters in a beautiful courtyard. It was very hot so if I am not mistaken, we had iced coffee. I even think this was the first time Maja tried espresso with tonic water. The point is that I remember this meeting and the coffee even though it was 3 years ago. Why? Because I met Maja for the first time and we had great time. Think about it for a second while creating content for the campaign.

Look around you and find the things which will help you with the project (it’s a little bit like building with Lego, sometimes it takes time to find the right pieces). Everything that reminds you of that coffee, with that person, at that time and that place can be useful. It’s about emotional connection with those objects/props.

Think about everything what Alvaro said in his awesome blog post. Where is the best light in my house? It’s probably next to the biggest window when the light is soft. Take photos and try to do it from different angles. You’d be surprised what you’ll

I really liked the idea of embedding the #brewathome somewhere within the photo. Maybe we can think of the ways we can have the hash tag written on a piece of paper to have it somewhere there in the background not just in the description of the post. We can link our personal story and emotions we just discovered to the hash tag and campaign.

Thats powerful Hope this helps!