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New method to brew your coffee in 2023

By 13th January 2023No Comments1 min read

Coffee is fantastic, and we love trying new brewing methods.

We saw @evida_lee on Instagram exploring new brewing methods with a sifter, reminding us MOMETNEM is the ultimate grinder for this. The built-in sifter separates the fine grind easily; you can grind, sift, and brew in one go. Many ask what the point is of having 800µm, 600µm, and 400µm filters; they are too coarse to sieve the super fine dust.

We tell you the power of built-in safer can do more than you think, you can try @evida_lee’s brewing method with MOMENTEM 😀 Want sweet, clean, clarity, lingering and good body? Follow @evida_lee and try his brewing method.