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MOMENTEM Shipping Survey Announcement for Our Indiegogo Backers!

By 8th November 2023No Comments2 min read

Dear MOMENTEM supporters,

We have reached a thrilling milestone in our journey together! The shipping surveys have been dispatched to your email, marking a crucial step towards getting your beloved MOMENTEM grinder into your hands.

Here’s What You Need to Do:

  • Check Your Email: Search for an email from Pledgebox with your unique shipping survey link.
  • Fill It Out Promptly: To avoid any delays, please fill out the survey at your earliest convenience. This is your opportunity to confirm or update your shipping details, handle shipping fees, and snag additional add-ons.

Why It Matters:

The shipping survey is more than just a formality; it’s the gateway to ensuring your MOMENTEM arrives at your doorstep. We’re committed to providing you with not just an innovative coffee grinder but also a seamless delivery experience.

Note for European Backers:

If you’re located in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, or Austria, special VAT pre-paid options are available under certain conditions. Please read the survey instructions carefully to take advantage of this hassle-free service.

For Our Global Backing Community:

Whether you’re from the cobblestone alleys of Europe, the bustling cities of Canada, or the vibrant landscapes of the UAE, we’ve worked tirelessly to make the shipping process as smooth as your morning brew.

Act Now:

This isn’t just any parcel – it’s the culmination of innovation, passion, and the finest coffee experience, packaged and ready for you. Let’s get your MOMENTEM on its way!

With gratitude and excitement,