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Introducing HOHIILIFE: Our New Sustainability Partner for the Coffee Wristbands Program

By 2nd July 2023July 6th, 2023No Comments2 min read

We are proud to announce that HOHIILIFE, an organization focusing on sustainability based in Guangzhou, China, is joining us for the Coffee Wristbands Program. As we continue to expand the reach of this project, we strive to incorporate more partners who share our values and vision. 



HOHIILIFE is the perfect example of such a partner, and we are excited to have them on board with us.

HOHIILIFE’s mission is to promote sustainable living choices that can positively impact the environment and society. Their efforts are focused on raising awareness about sustainable living practices, organizing educational programs and public events, and partnering with businesses and individuals to drive environmental initiatives forward. 

By partnering with HOHIILIFE, we aim to promote environmental sustainability within the coffee industry. We understand the impact that coffee production can have on the environment and believe that it is our responsibility to contribute to sustainable living efforts wherever possible. The Coffee Wristbands Program is a perfect opportunity to not only support our charity partners but also promote sustainability. The wristbands themselves are made using eco-friendly materials and are meant to serve as a reminder of our collective role in environmental conservation.

As part of our collaboration, HOHIILIFE has pledged to donate 100% of the wristbands they produce to support coffee communities. This donation will make a significant difference to the lives of coffee farmers and their families, helping them secure a brighter future. HOHIILIFE’s donation is a testament to their commitment to sustainability and the betterment of society. We are deeply grateful for their commitment to this initiative and look forward to seeing the positive impact it will make in the coffee community.

The Coffee Wristbands Program’s success is credited to our partners’ ongoing support and generosity towards the coffee industry’s growth and sustainability. With HOHIILIFE’s valuable contribution, we are confident that we can continue to make a positive impact on the world. We encourage you to join us in supporting this cause and look forward to working together to make our world a better place.