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2020 Christmas Gift ideas: What to buy for specialty coffee lovers

By 5th December 2020December 8th, 2020No Comments6 min read
2020 Christmas Gift ideas 1

It has finally got to that time of the year when we can start thinking about spoiling ourselves and loved ones without feeling guilty. There are many of us who can be hard to buy gifts for, and being able to find that something to bring a smile to someone’s face is a skill all in itself.


Today we are going to highlight just a few interesting presents that you may want to look into for either your coffee fanatical friends and family, or for yourself. 

There are some really amazing innovative products out there right now ranging from something  that can help a coffee connoisseur elevate the quality and experience of their regular cups of Joe, to bringing a little style to a budding coffee professional.

The first on our list is this incredibly cool” The Little Dripper“ Cupping spoon in Gothic Black from Umeshis. There are multiple other colours available on their store, as well as a nice little bag to help keep it clean in between slurp sessions. 

The Little Dripper Cupping spoon

The Little Dipper: Goth Black (€6.88+)

The next item on our list is this pocket sized coffee roaster from Hive Roaster. For those who are interested in freshly roasted beans and may have considered getting into roasting as a hobby, this neat bit of kit could be the introduction to roasting that kick-starts a passionate interest. 

Home Coffee Roaster Cascabel by Hive Roaster

Home Coffee Roaster Cascabel by Hive Roaster (€68.38)

Putting up the Christmas Three is a great reusable cup. These have been growing in popularity over the last few years and this one not only looks awesome, but is also made of porcelain, for those who say that a paper or plastic cup ruins the flavour of a beautifully freshly brewed cup, from the wonderful people over at GioVia. This cup is also Eco Friendly and with some clever double walled design, keeps your drink hotter for longer.

6fbf0bf045028b9737ec0ee314b3d638 original

GioVia (Indiegogo $24-)

You will find our four calling birds are nested away in the forest, which is exactly where you may want to use this next little gadget. The Trinity Zero is a coffee maker that allows you to make a pretty solid espresso without the need for any electricity, whilst easily packed away next to your socks in your camping bag. Using their patented design, you will be able to pump up the pressure and build up some bars to help you get a good pull of espresso like coffee on your way up the nearest mountain. 

Christmas 2020

Trinity Zero

The five gold rings (or maybe rosettas?) sit with our good friends over at Subminimalist, with their ingenious Nano Foamer. If you want to impress your family on Christmas Day with some heart felt cappuccinos, then this is the stocking stuffer for you. This little gadget allows home brewers to create beautifully textured microfoam which is the key to being able to paint stunning works of art on top of your espresso shots.

Pairing this with the Trinity Zero brewer, you will have access to fantastic tasting milky coffees for a fraction of the cost of an espresso machine.

Christmas list

NanoFoamer – (Preorder $39 SGD)

The next on our list gets a little geeky. Using filtered water to brew your coffee is one thing, but this recent release from PEAK, allows us to adapt tap water into the right mineral content to help bring out the finer flavours in our cups that can easily be lost when using other variants of H2o.  The brain child of “Water for Coffee” author, Maxwell Colonna Dashwood, this neat addition to a home brewing set up will open your eyes to how much better your coffee can be.

jug box mockup just box 5bd091e3 2b5a 492b 98f5

Peak Water Starter Pack (£49)

Capsule coffee is a trend that seems to have become the norm within many households and with the popularity of these machines, the coffee industry has had to adapt the way that it reaches out to its potential customers. Sadly most coffee capsules aren’t made of environmentally friendly materials, and using them regularly doesn’t allow for freshly ground coffee, which we all know is one of the greatest aromas there is. That’s where the next item on our list comes in.Evergreen’s reusable metal coffee capsule allows you to pack it full with freshly ground goodness and use the same capsule over and over again, which saves waste and allows you to raise your coffee game without having to replace your reliable capsule brewer. 

evergreen reusable capsule for nespresso

The Evergreen Capsules (€34,99 End Of Year Sale)

There really is nothing better than the smell of freshly ground coffee. Achieving a high-quality grind is something that can cost more than most would expect. This its where the high-quality affordable hand grinder from Timemore can steak its claim. Featuring high-quality stainless steel conical burrs and a sleek design, this portable grinder doesn’t break the bank, but does help bring out some beautiful flavours from freshly roasted coffee beans.

Christmas List

Timemore Chestnut C2 Manual Coffee Grinder ($83.00)

Avid home brewer or committed professional, a good apron is something that not only looks great but also protects you from those grubby excess grounds that can ruin a white shirt in seconds. This stylish French manufacturer has loads of great potential gifts to choose from, but we really love their Tablier No325.

Christmas list

Tablier Denim clair No.325 (59,90 € TTC)

The last on our list is a book that is able to enlighten and educate curious brewers as well as competent coffee professionals. This second edition The World Atlas of Coffee From Beans to BrewingCoffees Explored, Explained and Enjoyed – World Atlas Of goes into deep detail on most coffee-growing countries. Helping to spread the message of how interesting the world of coffee is and why so many of us love it.


The World Atlas of Coffee From Beans to Brewing ($27.48)

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