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All the innovations in the coffee industry will be presented during the four days of the Coffee Events show in a series of presentations and workshops.

At a time when the choices in coffee varieties and brands are numerous and the need for coffee industry professionals to constantly update and evolve has become imperative, HORECA Coffee Events are here for another year to present and analyze all the new trends, innovative techniques, and even innovative products that can be used. Through the talks and presentations of successful businessmen and specialized baristas that will take place at the stage at Hall 1,  the professionals of the coffee and food service sector will have the opportunity to get proper and responsible information for everything that will play a catalytic role in their work in the near future.

Beyond their educational and informative character, there will also be action in the Coffee Events: the SCA championships to give young and ambitious coffee initiates the opportunity to demonstrate their talents through exciting championships.

Top baristas in the… coffee battle

The contests of SCA Greece and will be loyal to their annual appointment for 2020 also, through the 15th HORECA, as they are now an integral part of the Events. The stage will host talented baristas who want to distinguish themselves and have a successful career inside and outside the Greek borders, as the winners will represent our country world wide. The semi finals and finals of the SCA championship are expected to monopolize once again the interest, with the best of the best giving everything to win in the categories of Greek Barista, Brewers Cup and Coffee in Good Spirits. The audience will have the opportunity to enjoy both the coffee and the show while enriching their knowledge and getting new ideas that can be valuable for their own professional / business activities.

See the full schedule of the Hellenic Coffee Championships

Friday 7 February


Coffee in Good Spirits (Spirit Bar)


Brewers Cup (Compulsory)

Saturday 8 February


Coffee in Good Spirits (semifinals)


Brewers cup (semifinals)

Sunday 9 February


Coffee in Good Spirits (finals)


Brewers cup (finals)

Monday 10 February


Barista (finals)