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Hello, thank you for volunteering as a Recipe Tester. With your help, we can share the best brewing recipes with the world.

All recipes are anonymous, which means it could come from a world barista champion or a homebrewer. We want you to use your experience and skills, follow the recipe and help us find the best ones. After that, place your review on this page, just like you would for any of the products you purchase on Amazon.

How it works

We will test these recipes received from the global coffee community, ranging from world champion recipes to those of home baristas. Try them out and let us know what you think.

1. Find Your Group

Each recipe tester will work in a small group. Find your group below and start with the brewing method that you know best. Test all the recipes assigned and enjoy the fun of exploring.

2. Start Brewing

Follow the recipes, and take notes on the good and the bad. None of them have been checked or polished, so you may find it hard to understand at times. Check the review from here to know what you should focus on.

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3. Feedback & Review

Finished? Click here and fill out the testing form before 15th January. The more detailed the better! Your valuable feedback will help us choose which are the best recipes to share with the world.

1. Find your group

Please find your name in the following groups. Test all recipes that have been assigned to you. Once you finish the testing, please send us your feedback here. Last update of the testing groups was on Feb 20, 2021

Group A
Recipes: AF1224, CR1217, LN0103, VF1219, KG01015, AC0309

  • Tiba Ana-Maria
  • Karla
  • Laura Barrett
  • Nadine Reading
  • Naman Goyal
  • Santiago Civetta Mastrota
  • Dean Blackwell
  • Ramachandran Kumar

Group A
Recipes: RD0101A, RS1219, SA0104, AC0104, KG0113, GVO0302, EB0226

  • Andres Randazzo Sanchez
  • Karolina
  • Hussain
  • Mordy
  • Alejandro Cardenas
  • Rusty Obra
  • Istrate Paul
  • Katie Rushing
  • Camille Anne San Juan

Group B
Recipes: PA0217, Ki0217, SU0702, TR0502, NC2701, NC0127, JD0306, KS0319

  • Sarath
  • Michael Mikhaeil
  • Thomas Plets
  • Kunaal
  • Fakhri Wiratama
  • Adam musitano
  • Raymon Pizzoni
  • Gerard Vecino Ortiz

Group C
Recipes: JG0108, MHA1224, NBM1218, PM0104, FW0113, FW0114, AC0107, ZY0227

  • M. Hafidz a.k.a Ryu
  • Ronita Dragomir
  • Martijn Vanbuel
  • Monica Lezama
  • Ciara Hillyer
  • Nino
  • Eduardo Namura

Group A
Recipes: HM1219, LG1227A, JW1218, LG1227A, MDO0226P, RK0220

  • Sourabh Narula
  • Stella Ho
  • Helio Moraes
  • Daniel Vargas
  • Adryan
  • Dominik Przybylski
  • Brittany Sims
  • Sulaiman Alalawi

Group B
Recipes: HM1219A, LS0104, MB1224, MM0104, JS0125, BR0224, DAVA0314

  • Hanna Gierzyñska-Zalewska
  • Kaylee Melendez
  • Faiz Noor
  • Elaiza Debuayan
  • Daniella Gray
  • Muhammad farhan Muslim
  • Ali dehghan
  • Animesh Mohan

Group C
Recipes: OU1217, RD0107, RH1217, SHO01014, MP0126, MB0220, AG0320

  • Dawid
  • Claudio Chávez
  • Bilal Yıldız
  • Elaine lee
  • Pravin Yadav
  • Brandon OShea
  • Stephanie
  • Atif Hussain

Group D
Recipes: SHJH1216, TB0101, TD1217, TH1229, MNR0127, AP0223, KT0312

  • Tasosmosh
  • Pago Gudiño
  • Hans
  • Max
  • Jessica Sartiani
  • David Linares
  • Siew Hui
  • Eva
  • Daniel ricardo
  • Martino

Group E
Recipes: CK0218, NV0219, LD0219, YM0214, UT0217, NC0219

  • Lara Caliwan
  • Jamie Hawthorne
  • Renan Dantas
  • Floriana
  • Łukasz
  • Guadalupe Delgadillo
  • Idan Horowitz
  • Peter Panacci

Group F
Recipes: EJ0217, AS0218, ZV0218, AA0213, RC0211, jgd0314

  • Sam Rice
  • Abdul Razaka Bwambale
  • Mohammad
  • Abdul Aziz
  • Jessie Gao
  • Alfredo
  • Keniko Roostanto

Group G
Recipes: KA0208, MNR2701, YC0402, MP0126, MNR0127, AH0311

  • Ronita Dragomir
  • Alfian Basith
  • Arzu Basdüvenci
  • Kevin Andhika
  • Adhi
  • Tansel
  • Berenice cortes
  • Ammar

Group H
Recipes: JS0125, DS0114, WVB0114P, RM0114, BW0111, PP0310

  • David
  • Rashid Yasin
  • Bill gordon
  • Michal Bocek
  • Roger Mueller
  • Sam Rice
  • Berke Ata Menteş

Group I
Recipes: BO0109, BW1224, DR1230, HM0104, RM0114, JS0307

  • Arif rachman
  • Matt Rimmer
  • Bart bohuzynski
  • Amos sharma chapagain
  • Youngjun Cho
  • Janice Thong
  • Niall Dalton

Group A
Recipes: AP0108, DS0107, LB0104, MDO0226, FB0227, FB0227B, AR0302, MA0313, VP0318, MB0320, GI0322, PC0323

  • Fakhri Wiratama
  • António Ferreir
  • Abdul Razaka
  • Tyler Hadas
  • Bethan Banner-Barrett
  • Gonzalo
  • David Graus

Other recipes

2. Start Brewing

Find the recipes that you need to test. Remember to take notes on the good and the bad, and enjoy!

3. Feedback & Review

Finished? Let us know how you like the recipes. Thank you very much. If you’ve reviewed all the recipes, we have more for you.

Send Feedback Now

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to get started?

  • a decent hand or electric grinder
  • proper brewing water
  • a gooseneck kettle with temperature control/ a thermometer 
  • a digital scale
  • any of the brewing methods: V60, Moka Pot, Aeropress, Clever Dripper, French Press etc

What factors should I pay more attention to during testing?

Great question! Well, this project aims to provide one simple method to maximise the brewing experience at home. We want to ensure that everyone can pick up some brewing knowledge and enjoy the whole process themselves. No more endless scrolling on your smartphone, just pick a card and start brewing. 

Difficulty: Not that complicated to scare away the new brewers, or too boring for the more experienced ones.

Fun: We love exploring new brewing methods, new recipes. As long as you have fun, then it is all good.

Result: Following any of the recipes should deliver a perfectly tasty cup of coffee (well, we know this could turn very complicated very fast if we went in more detail…). 

Is this a paid testing job?

Unfortunately, it is not. However, we hope you would consider joining us in discovering some new amazing recipes and have fun through this volunteer experience.

Why don't I understand the recipe?

All the recipes are raw, without any polishing whatsoever. If you find something that sounds strange, please make a note and help us to clarify the steps without changing the core recipe. Once you finish testing it, leave your honest feedback in the review section. Thank you!

I want to help/know more, what is next?

After we’ve received all the reviews and feedback, we will refine the recipes and have them printed on our BREWING GUIDE, a physical card deck that you can find Kickstarter and our website later on, or at your local coffee shops.

*All profits from this project will go to “NEVER GIVE UP” foundation, a money jar that we build to help the barista competitors* with financial problems.

I have some questions, who should I contact?

If you have any questions regarding the recipes or our project, anything, please contact us through email