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WOW exists for a reason, and as strange as it may sound, it is not for coffee but for people! WOW coffee invests in our relationships with the people who grow our coffees, so that people who drink our coffees have experiences that go far beyond the cup, making more people want to serve our coffees, thus allowing more and more people around the planet to be helped by our coffee.

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WOW Coffee

WOW exists for a reason, it is not for coffee but for people!

At WOW we follow a careful process to identify the true hidden heroes of our planet who are working in different sociocultural contexts in search of improving people’s quality of life. We invest in these passionate groups to strengthen their reach and effectiveness in the communities they serve. And so we are doing our part, one coffee bean at a time!



Positively buzzing with candy sweetness that reminds us Skittles, this tropical cup brings a bright lychee juiciness with some delicate floral notes to round out this super sweet treat.

Tasting notes: Juicy lychee, sweet baked apple with brown sugar, skittles and a delicate floral finish.



A wildly delicious and intensely sweet and fruity cup, this is how we describe this coffee. Its notes of raspberry jam, strawberry lollipop and blackberry liqueur are so evident that it is hard to believe that there is nothing in the cup but coffee.

Tasting notes: raspberry jam, strawberry lollipop, blackberry liqueur, lush juicy body and candied like finish



The champion of Coffee of The Year 2018 *. An extremely elegant cup with floral aromas and vibrant notes of tangerine, sugar cane and dulce de leche.

Tasting notes: A complex, well-balanced, full-bodied floral coffee with intense sweetness, balanced acidity and vibrant notes of tangerine, sugar cane and dulce de leche.