We’re a Not-for-profit Organisation exclusively designed to
help baristas in need and make a social impact.

We understand

When looking at a cup of coffee, it’s easy to overlook the number of people that were involved in the making of your morning beverage. Those working within the coffee community tend to focus solely on building relationships between suppliers and farmers and fail to support baristas’ craftsmanship.

The grueling hours, the incessant customers, and the often underwhelming salaries are not attractive features for employment or a long term profession, yet baristas continue to serve our cups out of love for the coffee community. Baristas prepare our favorite wake-me-up beverages while combating financial stress and sleep-deprived customers. It’s time to acknowledge their work, skills, and knowledge.

Our vision

"Make coffee connect the world"

Drinking coffee is probably the one daily habit that we all share on a global level. However, we rarely know how much effort has gone into a great cup of coffee. Through each stage of the value chain, we have numerous coffee enthusiasts working hard with incredible passion, love, and good will. Humanity runs on coffee and we want to make this connect us all.

So why the I’M NOT A BARISTA T-shirt?

It’s a t-shirt on a serious mission but going about it in an ironic way; it can prove to be the ideal icebreaker in starting a conversation with others: “so … you are not a barista?”. Through the I’M NOT A BARISTA T-shirt, baristas are provided with an easy conversation topic for their customers to build relationships on. We’re not only improving our relationships with baristas but also building and increasing awareness about the world of coffee through the faces most consumers experience the coffee chain.

“Baristas connect the coffee world to ours”

Despite the existence of a global coffee community, many coffee-lovers are largely unaware of the industry’s unfeasible supply chain. Within 20 years, the world of coffee will shift dramatically, unless we act quickly. The underlying goal of our iconic t-shirts is to provide a segway for conversation between baristas and their customers. Through these connections, baristas can become mentors, educating coffee-lovers that their coffee may be harder to acquire within the decade.


"To celebrate the coffee community by empowering baristas to reach their fullest potential"

Our founder recognised baristas’ underrepresentation within the coffee industry and built this platform to share their stories and provide financial support. So next time you’re at your local, artisanal coffee shop, take a moment to thank your barista for their hard work.