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Coffee connects

Empower people behind the cup

Our goal is to spread the love for drinking coffee around the world, and to empower baristas – those we know by name and those we want to shine a light on.

A Gift from the Global Coffee Community

It’s easy to find cookbooks with a variety of recipes from chefs and experts to help you improve your cooking skills but there isn’t something similar for coffee. This brewing guide is exactly that – a collection of tested recipes for you to level up your coffee experience, from coffee champions, experts, and really good home brewers from around the world, because we believe anyone can brew and anyone deserves good coffee.


Coffee tastes better with music

Make music a part of your brewing experience – we asked recipe owners for their favorite brewing music, and we create this irresistible Spotify playlist to enhance your brewing routine. 48 music recommendation from 48 coffee lovers like you. It absolutely changes the way your coffee tastes! Each recipe comes with a specific song track to recreate the exact experience.

Celebrate Your Love for Coffee with This Community-powered Global Collaboration.

48 recipes

30 countries

27 baristas

19 champions

The cards are symbolic of our community’s effort to create a collaborative product. 30 countries, 27 languages, 110 recipe testers, 10 volunteers, and 10 student interns, and literally thousand of hours.

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Idea was born

The original idea was to share recipes to help others brew coffee.

We can do better

We wanted to create something new that never existed before, not just a physical card deck of coffee recipes, but also a new charity business model.

Prepare for crowdfunding

Nothing is more exciting but also challenging than working with hundreds of people in remote. We worked hard to transform our idea into reality, and we founded $20,000 in 24 days on Kickstarter.

Help people behind the cup

How to give back to the community? We decided to donate our profit to help baristas in needs. It is all about the community.