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Hey, welcome back.  We want to thank you for making the brewing guide project possible. Did you know that since our initial launching on Kickstarter on April 8, we have almost sold 1000 decks worldwide. This success means the power of collaboration, this is how we build momentum in challenge times, and this is only a start of how we help each other in the coffee community.

Till Oct 14, we have donated $700 to 7 coffee people from the globe, thank you for making this possible.To expand this momentum, we want to help more people brew coffee with your help, this is why we are working on a 48- days online challenging, we will share and use only one recipe per day to discover amazing coffee and brew methods together. It is an open challenge that welcoming all coffee lovers to participate. This is a great chance we get to know more coffee people, and help others brew better coffee.


To make your recipe better, we want to ask you some details about the coffee size, your grinder setting for this recipe. This will help others duplicated your recipe easily at home. So click next page and let's get started.
Remember your recipe? If you don't, click the image below to check the recipe you shared with us. The key is to identity your grinder setting. For example, your pour-over recipe uses Comandante C40, 32 clicks. Screenshot 2021 10 14 at 15.15.02

e.g. Comandante C40

e.g 32 clicks

To bridge you and your recipe fans, we want to invite you to Do More with us. We can do podcasting about your coffee recipe, do Instagram live, brew together, and even more. Let' us know how do you want to connect with your fans.

If you want to update your recipe, or found some issues on your page, let us know. We will fix them asap.