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This Barista Foundation from I'M NOT A BARISTA aims to help baristas in need.

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The NOT A BARISTA Foundation aims to help baristas in need, but we want to do more than thank you for your hard work with words or actions.

Everything we've done, from creating an online story-sharing platform, selling T-shirts, and kickstarting the Brewing Guide, is to raise money to fund the Barista Foundation. This is a resource for you and your fellow baristas worldwide. Donations from our community's coffee lovers will be shared among multiple $100 donations to baristas in need like yourself, all you have to do is tell us why you need it.
It's recommended to have some idea of how you will answer these questions as the application cannot be saved and revisited later.

We wish you all the best in your current situation and if there's anything else I'M NOT A BARISTA can do to help out, connect with us here.

If you are currently unemployed, please put unemployed

If you are currently unemployed, please put unemployed

Coffee shop/roastery

Email associated with Paypal account. We will make donations ONLY through PayPal, make sure you register a PayPal account first.

You should upload a scan of the page containing your personal details of your passport, normally it is the first page with your photo, nationality and signature.