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Brew like a barista.

The Brewing Guide Card Deck is the coffee project that empowers baristas behind the cup.

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The first coffee brewing card deck

Explore coffee brewing.

The I’M NOT A BARISTA Brewing Guide is the very card deck which celebrates a global love for coffee. Our project began with the humble idea of sharing tips to help others make delicious coffee from home. Now we are proud to have produced a deck of cards containing recipes from baristas around the world. Our product encompasses more than just brewing recipes, it represents talented individuals globally and it is our mission to share their knowledge with you.

Cartas de la guía de elaboración
A project empowers people behind the recipe
Step by step brewing instruction
Easy to remember and quick to find
Multiple brewing methods
QR code lead you to the barista portfolio

Humanity runs on coffee.

Our aim is twofold: empower baristas and spread the love for drinking coffee around the world. We wanted to create a product which takes the hassle out of brewing homemade coffee. Endlessly scrolling on our phones for new methods can be exhausting, hence our project provides a seamless method for accessing unique ways to create coffee at home. Connection is key for the coffee community and our product unites baristas, businesses and coffee lovers. All net profit will be fed back into the community. This product is made by the coffee community and simultaneously seeks to serve that community.

About the project

Sharing is caring.

Sharing brewing tips has always been part of our ethos. In early 2020, I’M NOT A BARISTA initiated a social campaign #brewathome that aims to rejuvenate the coffee community in the midst of the global pandemic. We collect and share coffee tutorials and brewing tips as well as organising online social events. Moreover, we have collaborated with international coffee brands and utilised their expertise to give back to the community. This Brewing Guide is an extension of the #brewathome campaign which aims to give you access to a global community from the safety of your own kitchen.

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Multiple Brewing methods

You can master 4 of the most popular brewing methods: AeroPress, Pourover, French Press, and Moka.

Brew with music

We create a playlist of brewing music from the global community.

People behind the Cards

People behind the cards: meet the 48 baristas behind your cards- let’s get connected.

Pick and brew

Save time by utilising this simple method available at your fingertips. 

Join our movement

Join our movement: together we can work simultaneously to generate from and give back to the community.

Learn and grow

Expand your own knowledge by mastering something new.

aeropress comparision A side aeropress comparision B side

People behind the card

Our product contains 55 cards based upon hand selected major brewing methods:AeroPress, Pourover, French Press, Clever dripper, Moka pot and more.
The cards are symbolic of our community effort to create a collaborative product. Individuals from across the world have worked on this product and we are proud to say that are cards represent 26 countries, 58 recipe testers, 8 volunteers and 10 interns. Therefore, each card is representative of much more than just a recipe, it acts as a door leading the reader to a community of like minded coffee lovers.

Old school is good

Our decision to create tangible handheld cards as opposed to a virtual brewing guide was highly intentional. Today we live in a world dominated by online resources and sometimes it can be hard to switch off. Despite so many human connections being fostered online, we felt that we could bring this social element to a paper product. Hence, we went back to basics and designed our product to be independent of technology so you can utilise its functionality on a day when you might not want to be scrolling through your phone. Our product eliminates the endless searching and makes brewing a perfect cup more simple than ever.

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What you will get

Multiple brewing methods

AeroPress, Pourover, French Press, Moka, Clever Dripper, and Lilydrip

48 recipes

48 recipes: you will receive 48 carefully selected, polished brewing recipes from across the world.

Premium quality

Double-sde coated art paper
Double sice coating
CE, ISO9001, ISO14001,
FSC, Disney factory Inspection

Perfect packaging

store your cards in our first class packaging with dimensions of 128x78x28mm

Top quality

Water resistant, stay longer in your coffee section

Golden Ticket

lucky buyers will receive a golden ticket, wait for more info.
Project story

People behind the brewing guide

My name is Micky Wang, the founder of I’M NOT A BARISTA. I am a huge fan of coffee, and I have a strong passion for helping the people in the coffee community, especially baristas working hard behind the bar. I believe the best way to help address various challenges facing by the coffee world is to empower baristas and make them the ambassador to raise awareness of the problems every coffee lover is facing today.

In a pandemic, we are isolated at home, but we never stop loving coffee. More and more people start brewing coffee at home, we want to make delicious coffee easy to brew and make everyone feel connected. We have great technologies, but what is the best way to deliver a simple cup of delicious coffee with the minimum distraction to enjoy that little piece of the day? We believe the simpler the better, that is why we got the idea to collect and share brewing recipes and connect the world through simple classic cards.

This project was run by me and our small team, consisting of 5 board members and about 10 interns from 8 countries. We never met in real life, but coffee connects us. We work hard and learn by doing.

  • We were founded in 2020 with a simple idea to empower baristas
  • Initiated #brewathome campaign to help the coffee community in March 2020
  • Reactivated #flipthefilter challenge and brought fun to the community
  • Organized zoom parties to connect coffee people online
  • Initiated #coffeemoustache campaign to raise awareness of baristas’ health issue
  • Started The Brewing Guide project to help people brew tasty coffee with ease

People behind the project

Meet our interns behind the project.

Konstantina b

Konstantina Votsika

Marketing Intern

Anna Navoychik 1

Anna Navoychik

Marketing Intern

Antonio Montoro Diaz 1

Antonio Montoro Diaz

Marketing Intern

Beste Semiz

Beste Semiz

Marketing Intern

Emilie Milne

Emilie Milne

Marketing Intern

Special thanks to these amazing people who spent their time help us prepare our project

  • Naomi
  • Vasilisa
  • Ronita
  • Tanty

Meet the recipe testers who help us discover great brewing recipes

  • Idan Horowitz
  • Claudio Chávez
  • Daniella Gray
  • Fakhri Wiratama
  • Thomas Plets
  • Karolina
  • Dawid
  • Idan Horowitz
  • tasosmosh
  • Daniella Gray
  • Muhammad farhan muslim
  • Karolina
  • Andres
  • Thomas Plets
  • Andres
  • Łukasz
  • Pravin
  • Stella Ho
  • Helio Moraes
  • Alejandro Cardenas
  • bilal yıldız
  • Thomas Plets
  • tasosmosh
  • Karolina
  • Pravinbrews
  • Guadalupe Delgadillo
  • Hussain Alsanona
  • Stella Ho
  • Helio Moraes

Risks and challenges

All of the work for this project has been completed by interns and volunteers. Together we have negotiated, designed and created this product. The driving force behind this project was a shared vision to deliver a simple product which maximises the at home brewing experience. As a young team we have been constantly learning and adjusting as we go and one of our main tasks has been raising the funds to allow for mass production, pay for professional designers and help give our product the final polish it needs.

Alongside this we have been working virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to these circumstances we may experience project delays; however we are striving to meet our goal of sharing our product this March. 


We are committed to using all profit to help baristas with financial problems in COVID-19. None of the team members in this project is paid, including full-time founder & CEO Micky Wang who has spent a full year on running I’M NOT A BARISTA. However, the profit from this project will be used partially to cover our operational expenses, such as website hosting, incorporation, accounting service, design resources,  paid media, and more.

To keep the project as transparent as possible, we will publish all costs and revenue on our website. Please check for detailed information. If you have any question, please contact us through email

Thanks to the supply chain we have very cost-effective ways of getting your copy of The Brewing Guide to you. We’ll explain this for each region:

The United States and Canda

We will ship brewing guide across the world by boat from China to the US and Canada, a process that takes about ## days.

Option B:

Those games will then travel by truck to an Amazon fulfillment center (~5 days), from where they will be sent to backers in the US (5-10 days). The total shipping and customs cost per unit is about $12, which we’ve wrapped into the price of the game on Kickstarter.

European Union

This is exactly the same as the Canada-bound shipment, except this one goes to ### in ### country. The total shipping and customs cost per unit is about $12/€10, which we’ve wrapped into the price of the game on Kickstarter. Note: Norway and Switzerland are not in the EU, so backers in those countries should provide an EU shipping address if they want free shipping (family, friends, Poste Restante in Sweden, or a DHL pack station in the EU).

Any country not in the EU nor the US/Canada:

It’s quite expensive and time-consuming to ship individual packages to South America, Mexico, non-EU Eastern Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, etc. To share the brewing guide with the coffee lovers from the world, we set up a special fulfilment centre in Shenzhen/Hong Kong to minimize the shipping time and cost for our backers from these countries.

If you have a friend/friends who love coffee too, we highly recommend that you back 2 decks of brewing guides to reduce the total cost.

Asia/Australia/NZ (bulk pledge level only; free shipping):

Our manufacturer has graciously offered to send a limited number of shipments directly from China to backers in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand (hence why these backers will get the games earlier than the rest of the world). This is only cost-effective if we send at least 10 decks of brewing guides to each location. Hence the only pledge level available to backers in Asia, Australia, and NZ is the $### pledge level for 10 guides each. If you are an individual in those regions who only wants 1 game, you can put your name and contact info on in this Google sheet so people who have arranged a group buy in your country can reach out to you.

Product Characteristics

What are the dimensions of the box?

Size of each pack is 13.3 x 8 x 3.5 Wait. What does this even indicate? It means that it is small enough to be carried everywhere, big enough for you to easily read and the perfect size for displaying it at your coffee bar.

Is it language independent? If not, will it be available in which language?

It is only available in English for now. But who knows what the future holds, maybe we can launch it in other languages. Contact us if you want us to launch it in your native language here!  And subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates!

What will happen if I drip coffee on the cards?

Ooops! You did it again *face palm*  That’s alright, we got you covered!  They are water resistant. You can take a deep breath now.

What is the measurement unit used in the cards?

The measurement unit is in millilitres. However if you’d like to convert it into another unit click here.

What is the temperature unit used in the cards?

The temperature unit is in Degree Celsius. However, if you’d like to convert it into Fahrenheit click here

If there are 48 recipes but 55 cards, what are those remaining 7 cards?

Wow! You are really detail-oriented!  So basically, one of the cards explain our mission statement, the other card shares the names of the people involved in the making of the cards, then we have a  golden ticket card (stay tuned for the update) another card provides information on how to perfectly grind your beans and the remaining cards share key information regarding brewing methods of AeroPress, Pourover, Moka and French Press.

Will there be digital versions of the card available upon purchase?

Yes! Stay tuned!  Our interns and volunteers are working really hard to to launch the most extensive online coffee brewing recipe guide ever! After the physical product is launched we will be purely focusing on designing the digital version! Go ahead and subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest info ASAP!


What do I need to pay and when?

To secure your order, you need to pledge in the Kickstarter website which will be charged upon the closure of the campaign. Shortly after the campaign is over, the decks will be shipped. 

How are the recipes being created/where are they coming from?

Individuals from across the world have worked on this product and we are proud to say that are cards represent 26 countries, 58 recipe testers, 8 volunteers and 10 interns. Therefore, each card is representative of much more than just a recipe, it acts as a door leading the reader to a community of like minded coffee lovers.

Where are you going to print the cards?

No, our job is to focus on helping baristas. We’re using a professional printing company. We don’t anticipate any significant issues, however, if there are any delays, we will be sure to keep you informed.

Brewing methods

What Brewing Methods will the cards include?

Although there are many methods we have chosen the most popular ones:

  • French press (12 cards)
  • Moka pots (12 cards)
  • Aeropress (12 cards)
  • Pour over  (12 cards)

I do not have a French press, why should I use a French press?

Don´t you?

We can help you to get one Get a French Press

They are not only cheap but also very useful. A French press is regarded by many as one the best way to make coffee because all the oil, and therefore flavour, remains in the coffee instead of being filtered out as in drip systems.

Why should I use pour over method?

Do you like clean, clear and consistent coffee?

Then, Pour Over is what you are looking for as gives you the possibility to distinguish different flavours. Tends to draw less acidity and let you taste the flavours.

So, if you want you to enjoy your morning coffee in a classic way this is the most traditional and technically easiest way to prepare coffee.
If you still do not have one, you can get it through this link Pour over

I do have a Moka Pot at home although I do not use it, why Mocka Pot?

Time to use it  Moka Pot.

The deck has 12 different recipes to teach and encourage you to use you your Moka Pot. This tool has been in many households for decades due to its ease to make a cup of coffee and its posterior ease to clean it. This method produces richer, thicker and stronger coffee.

What is an Aeropress?

Probably, this is the most unusual tool out of the four used in our recipes.

Aeropress coffee maker

Last one but not least handy as produces rich, smooth, low acidity coffee without bitterness. It has a clean taste with clearly defined flavour notes thanks to the paper filter that stops any oil and sediment from getting in the cup.


Where can the cards be shipped to?

We do offer it. We will ship the cards globally reaching as many countries as backers we get from different countries. You won´t miss your deck.

How much are the shipping rates?

In our Kickstarter site, we do provide the amount of how much you will be charged for the delivery as this amount will vary depending on the location. As a reference for Europe,

  • Shipping rate for the United Kingdom 9,5$

How long will I have to wait to get my deck?

As soon as the project succeeds the cards will be shipped. For international orders, its most likely going to be shipped out by economy (3-15 days) or no rush (7-15 business days) method. We are working with two transport companies, so the most suitable should be used depending on your location too.


Will I get a tracking number?

Sure, we thought about that as we do not want anyone to feel uncertain. As soon as your deck is shipped you will get an email with a tracking number which will let you know what is going on and where your order is every moment.

Why has Kickstarter not taken my shipping information?

To protect backers information, Kickstarter does not require shipping information until the campaign is officially over. Once the project success, we´ll send you a form requiring your address and other details.


Will I be able to contact the recipe makers if I have any personal questions?

Absolutely!  Every recipe maker’s contact details will be able through the QR code embedded in the cards. You can access their contact details via scanning the code with your smart phone!

I have been searching for the perfect gift for my significant other, can this be 'it'?

You came to the right place buddy!  We can assure you 100% that this deck will make your special person smile 🙂 What’s more? We can even arrange a digital gift card along with the deck upon request!

Is my pledge refundable?

We will work with our backers to make sure they are satisfied with their pledge, and their deck. If you have an issue or concern, we encourage you to contact us!

Will you gather information about publishing my name in the cards?

Sure, all backer´s names will be displayed on a card. We want to thanks those who have helped us providing their recipes, backers, interns and volunteers.

Risk and Challenges

This is your first Kickstarter campaign... How do you know what you're doing?

We’re working directly with multiple interns and volunteers from all around the world with different perspectives, diverse educational backgrounds and assorted skills to ensure everything goes smoothly in every step of the campaign. We don’t anticipate any issues, but if there are any delays, we promise to be transparent and keep you informed every step of the way.

As a not for profit organisation, what do you know about creating a physical product?

This card deck is not the first physical product we’ve created. We’ve been selling merchandise on ( for a while now so we have experience in production, fulfilment, and shipping. You can have a look at our shop