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Let’s Do This

We challenge you to brew coffee 

with new recipes every day.

Why follow recipes?

Brewing coffee is similar to training in the gym, you need discipline regularly to get yourself stronger and better.

Why it matters

You can improve your breiwng skills, meet the people behind the recipes, and win a $100 tip.

How to particpate?

We welcome everyone to sign up for this challenge, everyday you share a photo of your brew result and tell us how do you like it.

What recipes ?

We will follow the 48 recipes used in the breiwng guide card deck, you can order it on Indiegogo, all profit goes to baristas in need.

Life is short

Too short to drink bad coffee, so let’s get started.


Sign Up For Recipes

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Share your brewing result

Share your brewing experience, good or bad, tag us on Instagram.

Win brewing guides

If you could submit your challenge everyday, you will get one deck of brewing guide for free, keep it yourself or gift a friend, your choice. You also have a chance to win $100 tip.
Do good together

Support the community

It is a perfect gift for yourself and your coffee friends, and family. Our brewing guide is made with love, from the packaging box with UV coating, magnet opening, to the recipe cards with illustration graphics done by passionate coffee lovers, and by purchasing the brewing guide, you are helping the coffee community.

Digital version for free

No one is left behind

For us, it is never about the business, everything we do at I’M NOT A BARISTA is to empower people in the coffee industry. We have all recipes available on our website for those who can not afford because we believe everyone deserves good coffee.