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please let us know! ex: Have you opened up a coffee shop? Have you taken a new barista course? Have you been competing? Has your YouTube channel gained more followers?) We want to be able to tell your story in its entirety.

We will use this iamge to create an illustration to use in the book, please make sure we can see your face clearly in this photo.

We recently launched a new fundraising campaign called Coffee Wristbands, we work with coffee designers and produce beautiful wristbands to raise funds for helping coffee people. Now we are in 11 countries, and together we've raised more than $1250USD and already used the funds to make a real-world impact. We planted 750 coffee trees in Thailand, helped 20 coffee pickers in Indonesia, and next month we will go to Australia WBC to raise more funds to help the female coffee organization in Mexico.

We wonder if you are still working in the coffee industry, will you be willing to help us spread the word, and we want to invite your coffee shop to be our charity partner to do good together?

coffee wristbands community

You can learn more about this project here

MOMENTEM feature image 1.3

Meanwhile, our MOMENTEM dual-burr coffee manual grinder, the world's first grinder with two burr sets is now available on IndieGoGo, please support us and back this project and help bring MOMENTEM to life.