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Since I'M NOT A BARISTA was unable to reach the funding goal for 101 Coffee Stories on Kickstarter, we are debating on the new direction we should take this project in, and would appreciate the help of our subscribers. We believe the voices of these people in the coffee community still need to be heard, and we would like to know your thoughts on how to best proceed with this book. We have two options:
  • Stick with our original version
  • Create a new version with changes (Light Version)
This survey takes a few minutes to finish, and your participation is extremely important for us. We would love to hear your thoughts before making any final decisions!

Where do you want the book ship to?

To make this book more accessible for everyone, we want to reduce the cost so everyone who loves coffee can afford 101 Coffee Stories.
We need your help, and we want to know your opinions about this book. Consider this is a customized book, and you can build your book by answering the questions below.
new version