This recipe is best for Any Central American single origin, medium roast beans, speciality graded

This is a recipe for those who are not morning people, like myself. Central American coffees are characterized by their notes of chocolate and nuts and the French Press is the perfect tool to extract those flavors. The result is a full bodied cup of coffee with a heavy mouthfeel, an intense combination to start the day with. Let me have a cup of this coffee and then you can talk to me! Also good for sharing in silence. Oh and add some jazz tunes. Enjoy!

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Make sure you strictly follow the recipes without any prejudgement, explore and have fun 🙂 Please leave your honest and fair feedback in the review section. Thank you!

Brewing tool

French Press Pot/cafetière

Grinding Size

5-6 medium-coarse

Dose of coffee

27g (for 4 small cups)

Water temperature

93.5 °C

Total brewing time

6 minutes

Coffee water ratio


Detailed Guidance

1. Start by heating your water plus some extra for preheating the French Press and your cups.
2. Grind your coffee fresh, if possible.
3. Preheat the French press and your cups.
4. Pour the water out of the French Press and add the coffee.
5. Start your timer and pour 60ml of hot water into the pot, covering all grounds and let it bloom.
6. Break the crust with a spoon slowly by mixing the grounds on top with the water.
7. Add the rest of the water and place the lid on top without plunging.
8. Pour the water out of your preheated cups.
9. After five minutes, plunge down and serve immediately.
10. If you don’t serve the whole brew, move the remainder in a preheated decanter.

What makes this recipe so special?

This recipe is based on cuppings.
Whenever I have had a favorite coffee on a cupping table I love to sip that same coffee straight from the cupping bowl and the coffee flavors explode.

How to measure grinding size?

Due to various grinders we use, we use a simple grading system to measure the grinding size.

1 – Finest grinding

10- Coarsted grinding

We’re currently building an easy to understand the grinding system, any ideas? Let us know, send email to [email protected] or contact us through Instagram.

Additional information

Brewing method


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