Brewing Guide Uncut Sheet

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Nothing is more unique than this. These uncut sheets are printed on both sides and feature the baristas and coffee lovers who are involved in the Brewing Guide project. With a frame, you will get the perfect deco for your coffee corner at home or in your office. All profit will be used to help baristas in need.

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This uncut sheet is

Artistic Beautiful Design Meaningful !

Artistic, Unique, and Meaningful.

We keep the first 100 brewing guide uncut and share with our 48 recipe contributors, the rest 52 will be amiable on Kickstarter and Indiegogo backers. Each uncut sheet includes an handwritten printing code. The uncut sheet measures approximately 887 x 595 mm.

*Frame is not included.

uncut sheet brewing guide
55 cards

This uncut sheet contacts 55 cards, 48 recipes and 7 special cards.

Special cards

7 Special cards including 5 instruction cards, one empty card, and welcoming card.


This is a big piece of uncut sheet, 887 x 595 mm. Perfect for your coffee corner for your kitchen or office.

*Frame is not included.

Size Chart

887 x 595 mm