This recipe is best for Big, juicy naturals!

This recipe has been my tried and true for natural/fermented coffees for a couple of years now. I find the continued dispense of the water in a slow, steady manner helps with an even extraction and creates a clean, complexity. The contact time allows for the juiciest of mouthfeels and never fails to bring any existing fruit flavours forward, but maintains a great balance for this brew method.
I first discovered this recipe when I competed with an Ethiopian natural. It hasn’t let me down since and it holds a special place in my heart and palate.

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Brewing tool

Pourover Dripper

Grinding Size


Dose of coffee


Water temperature

94 °C

Total brewing time


Coffee water ratio


Detailed Guidance

  1. – Freshly ground coffee.
  2. – 50ml bloom for 45 seconds.
  3. – @ 45 seconds continue pouring your brew water in tight, concentric circles.
  4. – Slow, steady dispense of water with no stops – tracing your concentric circles over and over while watching your coffee change colour evenly.
  5. – Continue until full brew weight.
  6. – Half way through draw down swirl your V60 gently to catch any migrated grounds.
  7. – When draw down is complete, stir thoroughly.
  8. – Finally, inhale those enchanting aromas and fill your cup!

What makes this recipe so special?

This recipe is based on cuppings.
Whenever I have had a favorite coffee on a cupping table I love to sip that same coffee straight from the cupping bowl and the coffee flavors explode.

How to measure grinding size?

Due to various grinders we use, we use a simple grading system to measure the grinding size.

1 – Finest grinding

10- Coarsted grinding

We’re currently building an easy to understand the grinding system, any ideas? Let us know, send email to [email protected] or contact us through Instagram.

Additional information

Brewing method


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