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Brewing tool


Grinding Size

5 Medium

Dose of coffee


Water temperature

94 °C

Total brewing time


Coffee water ratio


Detailed Guidance

  1. Hello welcome! Let’s go to the craziest replay of the day:You will need:
    2 pots
    1 method of preparation (v60)
    Hot water (can boil water)
    And of course, coffee.

    – Scald the role of your method with hot water
    – Make the first attack with 100ml of water and reserve that first part.
    – With the same V60 but in another pot, you throw another 100ml
    – Before the coffee dries, top up with the remaining 100ml.
    – Before that last water dries, pour the reserved coffee back into the coffee. Yes, we will pass on the coffee.
    – Finishing the extraction, you can serve the coffee

What makes this recipe so special?

The act of passing on the coffee, makes you leave the box of the same thought of just making coffee.

If we divide an extraction into 3 parts, we will have the first acidic part, the second sweet and the last bitter. The only basic taste that makes bitterness void is acidity itself. We do the same thing in this extraction, the coffee that is there cancels some of the bitterness, making it considerably increase its sweetness.

How to measure grinding size?

Due to various grinders we use, we use a simple grading system to measure the grinding size.

1 – Finest grinding

10- Coarsted grinding

We’re currently building an easy to understand the grinding system, any ideas? Let us know, send email to [email protected] or contact us through Instagram.

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