Pamana Geisha 90+ Natural Process

Country: Panama
Region:Silla de Pando
State: Chiriquì
City: 15 km from Volcàn
Farm: Ninety Plus Gesha Estates
Farmer: Joseph Brodsky
Area: 182 ha
Altitude: 1650m above sea level
Soil type: mineral-rich volcanic soils 400-500 years old
Climate: subequatorial
Variety: Coffea Arabica
Variety Gesha Tree
age 3-20 years



The World Coffee Roasting Champion Coffee

Hailing from the city of Novosibirsk in central Siberia, Arsenij began his coffee journey at the age of 16. All this hard work and perseverance led, of course, to Arsenij being crowned the World Coffee Roasting Champion in 2019. How does Arsenij’s champion coffee taste? You find out.

Who is Arsenij?

What is extraordinary coffee

The best sorts of specialty coffee are called extraordinary. Panamanian Geshe 90+ international expert judges give priority among all the grains of the world. Collectors hunt for this grain. Barista champions win with him. The Ninety Plus manufactory produces the most valuable coffee in small lots, so it cannot simply be bought from suppliers.

Ninety Plus coffee is grown on the Gesha Estates plantation in Panama at the foot of the Baru volcano. Its area is 182 hectares.
This is the world’s best Panamanian Gesha, cultivated on his farm at the foot of the Baru volcano by biologist and enthusiast Joseph Brodsky – the man who is called Elon Musk in the coffee industry for his innovation, audacity, perseverance and fanatical dedication.
Joseph Brodsky produces an extraordinary 90+ brand coffee – the rarest, most impressive and desirable among professionals and connoisseurs. This coffee has won championship awards and top Q-graders for six years in a row.
International expert judges give Geshe 90+ the first place among all grains in the world. Collectors hunt for this grain. The barista champions win with him.

Assessment system

Less than 10% of the world’s Arabica beans are classified as specialty coffee. This means that all stages of growing, picking and processing berries, as well as drying and transporting grain have been completed flawlessly.
The class is awarded by Q-graders – professionals who are specially trained and pass 20 exams at the CQI (Coffee Quality Institute). In addition to grain quality, the Q-grader evaluates aroma, flavor, aftertaste, acidity, body, balance, cup clarity, uniformity, sweetness, and flavor defects. The maximum score is 100 points.
According to the most generous estimates, only 0.0025% of coffee in the world gets above 90 points, while the quality of the harvest may differ from year to year. Brand units manage to achieve stable quality, and 90+ is just such a brand.
Association  SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) holds championships and trainings, and selects specialty coffee according to its own rules. When evaluating SCA, the lot must score at least 80 points. Lots of 90 points and above are unique coffee that does not go to mass sales, but goes to championships and limited roasts. Coffee 90+ gets the highest marks from year to year.


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Size Chart

250g per pack