Monteverde Amazonas -Peru 250g x 2 (Italy Only)

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This coffee is from our charity partner Pacamara coffee lab. For each bag of coffee sold on our website or our Indiegogo project page, Pacamara will donate $2 to the baristas in need.

Tasting notes:
Citrus, Stone Fruit, Milk Chocolate

Region: Amazonas Province
Processing: Washed grade 1
Farm/Washing station: Various farms
Altitude: 1400-1800 m
Variety: Typica, Bourbon, Pache, Catuai & Catimor

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Café Monteverde is a producer group that brings together 250 farmers from the area around Rodriguez de Mendoza, Amazonas, Peru. Founders, Alfonso Tejada and Karen Araoz, offer their own Finca Timbuyacu as a model farm for members to learn many valuable growing and processing skills to help improve their harvest.

Members can visit to learn about farm management and harvesting as well as post-harvest practices like fermentation, washing and different drying methods.
Finca Timbuyacu became the foundation of Cafe Monteverde, which they established in 2003.

The pair were committed to improving social conditions for other small producers in the region, helping producers to market their coffee in better conditions.
In addition to producing a range of their own micro-lots from Finca Timbuyacu, they market group lots such as this organic coffee and provide a range of services for the producers and specialise in teaching members a variety of skills that will lift their quality of production to the highest level possible.

Monteverde helps member farms take steps to ensure good soil management and conservation.
Members plant living barriers and diverse shade trees and add contour lines to reduce erosion.
Araoz and Tejada are also taking an active role in the communities of their producers.

In 2010, the organisation collectively purchased a playground for children in one producer community. Then, in 2014, they purchased 40 new mattresses for children whose sleeping conditions were substandard.

This organic coffee lot draws from the harvests of all 250 farmers working within the group. Each addition to the lot is carefully screened and selected for cup quality.

Each producer harvests and processes their own cherry.
Cherry is selectively handpicked. Only ripe cherry is picked.
While each farmer’s specific processing methods may vary, the general structure of processing remains similar.

Monteverde picking

First, cherry is pulped with either a manual or motorised pulper.
Then, the coffee is fermented in wooden crates or tub tanks for 12-18 hours.
The beans are then washed with clean water, removing any remaining mucilage.

Drying can take place on cement pads, trays, pallets, solar tents or roofs.
Drying time varies according to farm location and drying space, but all parchment is dried to 12% moisture level.
Following drying, producers pack parchment in polypropylene bags stored on wooden pallets in a safe, well-ventilated area.
They are then transported to the collection centre where they are evaluated for defects, quality, colour, moisture content and more.