MOMENTEM VIP reservation

$ 1,00

  1. Benefit: With $1, you can support us to take the MOMENTEM through tooling and the first manufacturing run. As a token of our appreciation, we will be offering you the lowest price we can
  2. By reserving the MOMENTEM, you’re committing to purchasing on the MOMENTEM crowdfunding page. You will be notified via email once the project page is live.
  3. Each person can only reserve ONE discount.
  4. The Indiegogo price is $399 USD.
  5. Launching on August 02, 2022

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Super Early Bird 40% Discount Fully Reserved

Jan 28th 2022, Super Early Bird VIP 40% Discount Reservation is full.


Early Bird 25% Discount Is Available

All Reservation between Jan 28 – March 14,  will be 25% discount


10% Discount Is Now Available

All Super early bird and early bird reservations are fully reserved, now we offer a 10% discount special for all new signups from March 14th to June 7.


5% Discount Is Now Available

As many supporters requested, now we offer a 5% discount special for all new signups after June 7th 2022. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter for the latest launching information.


5% Discount Is Now Available Again

The launch will now be moved to August 2nd! Because Monday seems to be a rather hectic day for those wishing to participate in the launch, we have now moved it to Tuesday so everyone can join in. As an added bonus, To compensate for your inconvenience, we will once more be opening up our 5% reservation discount, with just $1 USD