This recipe is for Any naturally processed light roast coffee.

This is an easy recipe to follow, especially if you too want that first cup of coffee in the morning to be fast and tasty; no fuss required 😉

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Make sure you strictly follow the recipes without any prejudgement, explore and have fun 🙂 Please leave your honest and fair feedback in the review section. Thank you!

Brewing tool

Hario V60/ Origami dripper

Grinding Size


Dose of coffee


Water temperature

92 °C

Total brewing time

3:00 - 3:30

Coffee water ratio


Detailed Guidance

  1. Rinse out the paper filter before adding the ground coffee and use the discarted water to warm up your drinking vessel of choice.
  2. Add the coffee and give the V60 a little tap to make sure everything is even before pouring the water.
  3. Start the timer and add 60ml of water working your way from the center to the sides in tiny concentric circles.
  4. Let the coffee bloom for 40’’ then continue adding water in tiny circles until you reach 150ml on your scale. Give it a swirl clockwise.
  5. Stop and wait for around 20’’ before pouring the remaining 100ml of water.
  6. Give it another swirl, this time counter clockwise to ensure an even extraction and that highly sought after flat bed.
  7. Total brew time should be around 3’30’’ . Give the coffee another swirl to let some air in before serving it. Enjoy!Important notes:*Make sure to use good filtered water instead of plain tap water (I use Peak on settings 3/4 – depending on the coffee, but there’s a lot of great, affordable options on the market such as the Britta or BWT water filtration jugs)

    *Keep an eye on your brew the whole time as you don’t want your water level to drop so low that it doesn’t cover your grounds anymore. The most important thing here is that the coffee be submerged in water begining to end.

    *If you see your total brewing time exceeds 4’30’’ (and you don’t like the result) try adjusting your grind size or water temperature; but make sure you only change one thing at a time so you can keep track of what you’re tasting and what you like.

What makes this recipe so special?

This recipe is based on cuppings.
Whenever I have had a favorite coffee on a cupping table I love to sip that same coffee straight from the cupping bowl and the coffee flavors explode.

How to measure grinding size?

Due to various grinders we use, we use a simple grading system to measure the grinding size.

1 – Finest grinding

10- Coarsted grinding

We’re currently building an easy to understand the grinding system, any ideas? Let us know, send email to [email protected] or contact us through Instagram.

Additional information

Brewing method


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