This recipe is best for Kilenso, Ethiopia

It’s a foolproof recipe to get amazing results!
I’ve used this recipe for most of my coffees in my cafe and it never fails me.
People are always intimidated of using syphon but its actually really easy.

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Brewing tool


Grinding Size


Dose of coffee


Water temperature

85-90 °C

Total brewing time


Coffee water ratio


Detailed Guidance

On halogen burner or butane burner.

  1. Add 200g of hot water to syphon’s bottom chamber and leave it at the top of the heat source
  2. Weigh out 20g of coffee beans,
  3. Grind it to “french press” or “cupping” size.
  4. Add cloth filter to the top chamber, locking it in place and adjusting to make sure it’s centered.
  5. Close the top chamber to the bottom chamber.
  6. Once all the water reaches the top, turn your heat down as low as you can without the water falling back down.
  7. Stir it a few times to cool the water, ideally at 90-degree celsius
  8. Add your coffee grinds and puddle it in a “W” motion forward and back ( making sure dunk the grounds)
    and start your timer.
  9. at 30 secs, puddle again in a “W” motion forward and back
  10. at 60 secs, puddle again in a “W” motion forward and back
  11. at 1:10secs, turn off and remove your heat source,
  12. Hold a cold wet cloth on the bottom chamber to speed up the drawdown of the coffee and puddle 2 circles.
  13. Remove the top chamber and allow the coffee to cool. Remember to rinse your filter and store it in water in the fridge!!

What makes this recipe so special?

This recipe is based on cuppings.
Whenever I have had a favorite coffee on a cupping table I love to sip that same coffee straight from the cupping bowl and the coffee flavors explode.

How to measure grinding size?

Due to various grinders we use, we use a simple grading system to measure the grinding size.

1 – Finest grinding

10- Coarsted grinding

We’re currently building an easy to understand the grinding system, any ideas? Let us know, send email to [email protected] or contact us through Instagram.

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