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The current context in the States has shown us that this unfair treatment of people who are not white is not just happening at a national scale, but it is, in fact, a matter of worldwide concern. And although these are difficult times that we are navigating, we should find some solace in the thought that this is actually a second chance we’re getting. ⁣

alarm clock---Black Lives Matter

New Yorkers take to the streets in protest against the police killing of two black men, in July

The pandemic might have been a wake-up call for some and while we have read a lot about this need of change, there is however very little proof that the wheels have actually been set in motion. ⁣

Moreover with everything happening right now in the world, the specialty coffee industry is not without fault. And as the BLM movement grows we should find the courage within to take a long look at ourselves, as well as our institutions and the values they choose to promote. ⁣

If we are united in our desire to dismantle systemic racism at its core so that future generations can thrive and be better, all of us need to put in the work and DO BETTER.⁣

Among all these feelings of being uncomfortable and saddened by what we saw the world turn out to be, we should be happy we’re finally being given another chance to wake up and take a hard look at what it is we want to leave behind as legacy.⁣

So if this doesn’t serve as a “hit-you-in-the-face-make-you-jump-out-of-bed” alarm clock, then you’re probably not paying attention. Olivier’s story can help inspire and teach us and made so much sense right now that we saw it necessary to post it again.⁣

Hear the alarm clock, open your eyes and get out of bed!

Article by Ronita Dragomir