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Coffee Stories

Sarit Eskinazi
Coffee Stories
16th April 2020

Sarit Eskinazi

My name is Sarit Eskinazi, and this is my coffee story. Sarit Eskinazi “I remember the smell of my mom’s Turkish coffee after every meal... I was begging them to…
ukasz Gałęcki
Coffee Stories
5th April 2020

Lukasz Galecki

This is Łukasz Gałęcki, the owner of Barista Unfiltered, and we are so glad to share his coffee story. Łukasz Gałęcki How did you end up with coffee? I reached…
Coffee Stories
18th March 2020

Olivier Nkurunziza

Hello, My name is Olivier Nkurunziza, I’m from Rwanda, and this is my coffee story. Getting to now specialty coffee is a big turning point for me, becoming a barista…
Coffee Stories
12th March 2020

Felipe Ferreira

“Hello, my name is Felipe Ferreira, and I have been working as a barista for 8 years. Since the beginning, I have always been absorbing a lot of knowledge with…
Coffee Stories
10th March 2020

Gabriel Guimaraes

I am Gabriel Guimaraes and this is my coffee story. My journey with coffee started a bit differently. When I was young, I would never drink coffee as to me…
Coffee Stories
6th March 2020


I am Greg, an English teacher from NY that teaches in Italy. I grew up with coffee living in an Italian household. As a child, I woke up every Sunday…