We are excited to announce an opportunity for you to collaborate with us on our newest charity project launching on Kickstarter in 2021. As an extension of our #brewathome campaign we are launching our brewing guide, an innovative way for home brewers, baristas, and businesses to collaborate.

About us

Mutiple Brewing methods

Learn and master the most popular brewing methods AeroPress, Pourover, French Press, & Moka

Pick and brew

No more endless scrolling to find the recipe, pick and brew.

People behind the Cards

54 recipes represent 54 baristas, meet the barista behind the cards, let’s get connected.

Help your customers

Help your customers brew the best coffee with your product

Do Good Together

Together we can work simultaneously to both generate from and give back to the community.

Grow and shine

Catch this great opportunity to raise your brand image and CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility

Give Back to The Community

This new project aims to provide one simple method to maximise the experience of brewing at home by compiling recipes from a range of baristas to be shared with coffee lovers around the world. Our design team have created 54 tarot sized cards, each containing a unique recipe, information on the contributor and even a scannable code leading to their Instagram account. 

Be part of this charity project, together we can reduce endless scrolling on our screens and instead support an easy and fast way to access a variation of special brewing recipes. All profits made from this project will be donated back into our overall mission to empower the baristas behind the cup. Together we can work simultaneously to both generate from and give back to the community, building connections by giving a new platform to you, the baristas.  

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Why you should get invovled?

Be part of the movement

This is a great opportunity for businesses to increase your Corporate Social Responsibility by advocating for a community-conscious project. We kindly ask for a small donation to support our project, and in return, we offer a great chance to raise your brand reputation. To thank you for your gift, your products will be featured on the Kickstarter project, products, and all promotion channels. 

How to get invovled?

Work together

Be part of the movement, get involved now. Please fill out our Collaboration Form below. As this is a fast paced project, we ask that if you are interested, you complete this by the end of 2020.

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Transform your customers into your brand ambassadors

Join us

We hope that you are as excited about this project as we are. As always, we hope to connect coffee enthusiasts from across the world and empower baristas and home brewers alike. Considering we are still in the preparation stage, we may not cover all project info here. If you have any questions, please contact us through email [email protected] or Instagram.



January 2021

Collect and review brewing recipes from the globe

February 2021

Launch the BREWING GUIDE Project on Kickstarter

March 2021


Let's Go

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Your gift means a lot to us. Your donation will be used for developing this project, including paid media, production samples, shipping cost, office expenses and other only for the BREWING GUIDE project.

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The estimated price is 20$ per deck. All profit from this project will be used to reach our mission to help baristas in need.

The easiest way for us to receive a donation is through Paypal

Please share your ideas on how you would like to support our project

Please go to this page and share champion recipes

Please upload a high-resolution logo with transparent background

We will get back to you ASAP. If you have any questions, please contact us directly through email [email protected]