Peter Allane Ong

Peter Allane Ong Blog Post

Lao Tzu once said that “a leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves”....
Ken Braz

August 63 is coming soon Blog Post

Remember Ken Braz? In this episode, Ken will tell us how he started his coffee journey, and his latest project August 63.  Ken is working hard on his coffee dream...
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Donation made 2250 Donation received 249.8 #TIPABARISTA We empower people behind the cup. Our charity foundation is based on the profit earned from the Brewing Guide project, check here for...
Elizaveta Vagabova

Elizaveta Vagabova Blog Post

Elizaveta Vagabova, the 2019 Barista League Champion who had to learn English to break into the coffee world. Today we got to speak with The 2019 Barista League Champion, Elizaveta...

Ken Braz Blog Post

Ken Braz is a driven barista that focuses on his passion to make his signature coffees. Having just moved to Mallorca, Spain during the pandemic from Berlin, Germany Ken Braz...
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Aylin Ölcer Blog Post

She fell in love with her city’s coffee scene. In three years, Aylin Ölcer became the German national barista champion. Aylin’s journey into coffee can be described as sweet serendipity....
Nicole Battefeld Montgomery portrait

Nicole Battefeld-Montgomery Product

I’m a barista, roaster, trainer and competitor in the specialty coffee industry. I currently live in Berlin, Germany working with Röststätte. When I’m not behind the bar making coffees, I’m making coffee-based cocktails and competing in barista and cocktail competitions around the world.

  • World Coffee in Good Spirits 2019 – 5th place
  • German Barista Championship 2019 – 3rd place
  • German Barista Championship 2018 – 1st place
  • German Barista Championship 2017 – 2nd place
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Josef Mott Blog Post

Share Share Tweet Share At the ripe age of 24, Josef and his friend from Business school paired up to take over a coffee shop in Hemel Hampstead, with absolutely...